Upcoming Gala Dates


Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2019

COLSC Spring Open Meet (Level 1)

Venue:-  Liverpool Aquatic Centre 
Postcode L15 4LE
Warm up:- AM -  PM - 
Start time:-

AM -  PM - 

Age groups:-     10+


Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2019

Prescot and Everton Spring Meet (Level 3)

Venue:-  Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park
Postcode L36 6EG
Warm up:- AM- 8.00, PM- TBC
Start time:-

AM - , PM - TBC

Age groups:-   


Saturday 6th April 2019

Merseyside & District League

Venue:-  TBC
Postcode TBC
Warm up:- TBC
Start time:- TBC
Age groups:-    TBC